A Day at the Feminization Factory: 2 Transgender by Mindi Flyth

By Mindi Flyth

In Mindi Flyth's new pair of brief tales we pass backstage at a mysterious position the place misbehaving males are reworked into women.

We commence with the darkish story, "Orientation." A merciless guy pressured his Asian girlfriends to decorate up in schoolgirls clothes for his kinky thrills, yet now he unearths the tables have became and it's his flip to get schooled.

In the titular tale "A Day on the Feminization Factory" we meet Myra and Amanda, captivating, sadistic women who use bizarre technological know-how to alter unwilling males into girls and women. Breast growth, race swap, even age regression is all simply a part of the activity. It's a wierd approach to make a living... yet those girls love their paintings.

Both tales contain grownup subject matters and are meant for a mature viewers. Approximate note count number 8100.

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