A Kiss Before Dawn by Kimberly Logan

By Kimberly Logan

It takes a thief to capture a thief...and one kiss to thieve a middle. For one short second, girl Emily Knight knew what heaven was once whilst she shared a soul-searing kiss with Peter. yet a penniless early life schooled within the London streets can't love a stunning heiress—so he vanished, leaving Emily heartbroken . . . Now a powerful Bow highway Runner, Peter returns to seek down an elusive thief who is been preying at the Oxfordshire wealthy—even even though his challenge needs to unavoidably reunite him with the sensuous good looks who haunts his goals and whose style nonetheless lingers on his lips. yet as tantalizing embraces enflame their ardour once again, will Emily's wisdom of the thief's real identification rework hope into mistrust and impassioned fanatics into risky adversaries?

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Turning in her saddle to face him, she schooled her features into a deliberately casual expression. ” He glanced at her over his shoulder. “Oh? ” 26 KIMBERLY LOGAN “Why are you here? ” He gave a careless shrug and looked away to contemplate the tree-lined path before them. ” Emily waited a few moments, but when no further explanation was forthcoming, she didn’t force the issue. It appeared that Peter was no more anxious to converse with her than she was with him. At that moment, their horses trotted into the stable yard behind the house, and as a groom came forward to take their mounts, Peter swung down from his saddle.

Emily turned and started after him, eager to put some distance between herself and the man next to her, but Peter’s hand on her arm brought her to an abrupt halt. She gasped at the frisson of heat that shot through her, and she struggled to bring her fluttering pulse back under control before she faced him with what she hoped was an unreadable expression. ” He hesitated for just a moment, regarding her silently before he spoke in a low tone. “Emily, I want you to know that my presence here isn’t in any way meant to hurt you.

Yes. I mean no. I mean . . ” With a frustrated huff, Emily tossed aside the A KISS BEFORE DAWN 41 currycomb and sank down onto a nearby stool. “Drat Peter Quick! ” “I know why that is. He’s a Bow Street Runner. One of the best, if the tales I’ve heard about him are true. ” The male voice had both women looking up in surprise to find a lean, gangly figure lounging just inside the stall, watching them with intent green eyes. A cheerful young man with a shock of shaggy red hair and an open, freckled face, Miles Riley had been one of the original members of the Rag-Tag Bunch as well as one of Peter’s good friends.

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