Adventure Compilation 2 (D20 System Accessories) by Alderac Entertainment

By Alderac Entertainment

Experience Compilation #I and #2 are collections of the simplest of the simplest - the journey maintain modules. inside of those pages, AEG has compiled, up-to-date and multiplied the unique adventures using the revised 3.5 d20 principles with new maps, new textual content, and new plot hooks, together with rewritten and accelerated sections supply extra balanced encounters and deeper demanding situations. Even empty rooms were stuffed to make a DM's existence more straightforward! the entire whereas, those books offer a campaign's worthy of excessive event to gamers of all event degrees. Written for the revised 3.5 d20 ideas. Many new and more advantageous maps. 288 pages. event #I hyperlinks 24 of the easiest unique AEG Adventures retains jointly into one gigantic plot thread, permitting computers to strengthen from the first to the thirteenth point. This e-book is a must-have for DMs wanting to deliver the nuance of low-leveling gaming again the place it belongs. Many new and better maps.

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The city has no internal food supply. If the imported food ran out, the denizens of the city would quickly resort to eating meat on the foot and the softer races like humans and gnomes would be the first to go. The middle level of the city is where nearly all commerce takes place. Everyone who is not a worker lives on this level, except for the highest-ranking leaders of the city, who live on the upper level. Most merchants who supply the city with food like their special deal kept secretfrom competitors.

Due to the success of his efforts in DrahkSuhl, his personal treasure is ten times the standard treasure for an ogre mage. If his life is seriously threatened, he grabs a sack-full of his most valuable gems, and flees through the secret escape tunnel in the northwest corner. 16. Chaal’Mahk’s Den The Captain of the Black Nails has amassed a significant fortune of his own. His personal treasure is five times the standard treasure for an ogre. His cavern is very much like Jin’Zih den, but it is decorated in more typical ogre fashion -furs, skins, weapons, and refuse.

Hidden Tunnel This area is identical to New Construction (area #lo), except some desperate dwarves are digging an escape tunnel. The entrance to the tunnel is well hidden behind a pile of rubble. A Spot check (DC 25) reveals its presence. 12. Armor and Weapons Bazaar Dozens of smiths and merchants have tents and stands here. The majority of weapons are crude, ogre-sized weapons,but adept shoppers can find weapons and armor for medium-sized and small creatures. Many items are strange and exotic.

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